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5 Waterskiing Tips for Beginners

5 Waterskiing Tips for Beginners

If you’ve never waterskied, you might think balancing on skis and speeding over the water is hard to do. But, with the right approach, it’s actually pretty easy. Here are a few tips to help you become a waterskier in no time.

  1. Use skis that are wide and stable, and make sure the weight range of the skis match your size.
  2. Practice your waterskiing stance on land before getting in the water.
  3. Learn proper waterskiing hand signals beforehand so you can communicate with people on the boat.
  4. Before starting, lean back with your knees close to your chest and your skis pointing upward. The rope should be tight and between the skis.
  5. As the boat begins pulling the rope, lean back and let the boat pull you to an upright position while keeping your knees bent.