Power Boating, Inland Navigation and Close Quarters Handling

Boating Navigation 
Let Us Show You How!
In this video you will learn: 
• Simple use of a Chartbook
• How to plot a course
• How to determine your position using: 
— visual references
— triangulation 
— dead reckoning 
• How to dock in current and wind 
• Crossing and passing scenarios 
• How to tie a clove hitch 
• Respecting commercial vessels 
• Operating in a channel 
• Safe fueling procedures 
• How to properly secure your boat to fixed or floating docks 
• Emergency procedures if engine fails Your Host: Taylor Lawson
Taylor Lawson has been working as a professional captain since 1997 when he earned his first United States Coast Guard license in San Francisco, California. Currently, he makes a living running and delivering motor yachts around the world and training individuals on how to operate their private boats.
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