Prepare for launch: Prepare the boat away from the launch so you will not block any boaters who are waiting to launch or retrieve their boat. Preparation may involve removing all tie-downs except the winch line, loading additional supplies and equipment into the boat, inserting the drain plug if not already done, disconnecting trailer brake lights so you don’t burn out the bulbs, removing the motor travel supports if applicable, and putting the trim up to prevent hitting the prop when launching.

Attach a bow line to steady the boat upon release. This may not be required if two persons are launching the boat, and one is in the boat.

Release the winch line and slowly reverse the boat off the trailer.
Secure the boat to the dock, and then promptly move the tow vehicle and trailer away from the launch to avoid keeping other boaters from waiting.
If you anticipate problems with your boat engine, start the engine and let it warm up while the boat is still attached to the winch line. It is much easier to retrieve the boat when it is still on the trailer.
Back into the water far enough that the lower unit cooling water intake holes are submerged. (NOTE: use the parking brake on the towing vehicle at this point, and do not allow the tow vehicle’s wheels in the water unless necessary.