Power Boating, Trailering Your Boat

Let Us Show You How


• Number one reason boats sink at the ramp 
• Roller trailers vs. Bunk trailers 
• Four main hitch and trailer components
• Tongue weight defined 
• Motor position when trailering
• The proper way to attach safety chains 
• How to secure you boat on the trailer
• The easy way to back up your trailer 
• How close your vehicle should get to the water 
• What to disconnect before entering the water 
• How to launch and retrieve safely • How to stay legal on the road 
• Useful maintenance tips

Your Host: Taylor Lawson

Taylor Lawson has been working as a professional captain since 1997 when he obtained his first United States Coast Guard license in San Francisco, California. Currently, he makes a living running and delivering motor yachts around the world and training individuals on how to operate their private boats. 

A native of Annapolis, MD, he spent his childhood boating with his family from the age of seven. During the summers, he attended sailing school where he gained great insight to the art of close-quarters boat handling. While attending St. Mary’s College of Maryland he raced dinghies on their nationally ranked sailing team and continued in competitive racing circuits after college. While living in Monterey California he was encouraged by an entrepreneur to get a captain’s license and thereafter, run a local sailing charter boat. After California, he moved to the Caribbean where he ran a very busy charter boat. In order to start running motor yachts, he upgraded his engineering skills and safety credentials in Fort Lauderdale. Since then, his career as a motor yacht captain has taken him around the world. 

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