Fall Boating and Preparing Your Boat For Winter

Fall Boating and Preparing Your Boat For Winter

It’s late in the season and for many boaters, it is time to pack it in. But some stubborn boaters continue boating right up until they can’t boat any more. These boaters are rewarded with peaceful, empty waterways and some of the best boating of the year.

Fall boating, while rewarding, does present boaters with some unique challenges. If you’re going to keep boating, make sure to dress in layers, so you can adapt to significant temperature changes that are common this time of year. 

With autumn’s shorter days, darkness often sneaks up on boaters. So check that your boat’s navigational lights are working, and always carry several good flashlights or headlamps onboard. Also, check the weather often, as fall can bring fast-moving, unexpected storms. 

When the time to store your boat away for winter finally does come, put in the time and effort to winterize your vessel properly. Doing so not only protects your boat, it will also help get you on the water faster next spring.  Each type of engine and specific manufacturers require various procedures and parts.  It is recommended that you refer to your engine owner’s manual for proper maintenance equipment and procedures.

After the winterization has been completed, it is recommended that you check to ensure that the belts and hoses are in good condition and remove your battery(s) and store in a dry place.  Check your propeller for any damage, and make sure to cover your boat, even if it’s in an indoor facility. This will help protect it from any dirt and rodents. 

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