Regular customers know that the Colorado Boat Center’s Pro Shop is the one-stop place to go for all boating gear and accessories for boating in Colorado. We’ve got the best boating gear selection in Colorado, stock the best brands, offer the best prices and our trained staff knows everything about how to outfit a boat with the best stuff.

In our Pro Shop, you can find everyday low prices in life vests and safety gear, wakeboards and surfboards, waterskis and tubes, ropes and accessories, HO and Hyperlite boating products and personalized fittings.

As we all get ready for a great new season of Colorado boating, we asked our CBC Pro Shop staff to recommend some of the most popular items they sell. Here are some of the products they highlighted.

Hyperlite Wake surfboards

       Anyone into wakeboarding or surfboarding knows the Hyperlite Wake brand. Since 1991, Hyperlite has been crafting durable boards that lets riders craft the wildest tricks and turns, or just enjoy the fun of being outside on the water, enjoying the sun and riding the waves!

         Hyperlite Wake makes boards for every level of proficiency.

         The Hyperlite Shim boards are our best selling board. They are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders looking to take their skill to the next level.  The fast rocker line allows the board to carry speed anywhere on the wave, and the short profile makes it super maneuverable and great for spins and bi air. And Hyperlite’s DuraShell construction combines buoyancy and durability.

         The Shim boards have an EPS core, single concave base, vented tall channels, layered glass, a diamond tail shape and machined EVA traction.

         The Hyperlite Broadcast boards are great for beginners, designed for comfort and ease of use. These boards provide a fast ride that’s easy to control. The unique shape keeps the board right in the best part of the wave and the soft, molded EVA traction pad provides the best in traction and comfort.

         The Monocoque construction integrates the top and bottom fiberglass layers into one, creating a more durable board that can handle side impacts without delamination. The Biolite 3 core material is the gold standard in the industry: it’s light and durable.  The squarer Squash tail shape with rounded corners delivers a snappy feel with increased hold in the wave. And like most of Hyperlite’s boards, it was shaped by the world-famous Scott Bouchard of Butch Customs.

         Finally, the Hyperlite Gromcast boards are designed for young surfers with a wide design for balance and a short length for easy handling. There are three removable fins for a customized surfing experience and these boards are really awesome for learning and mastering carving and spinning. Built with the Biolite 3 Core and Monocoque construction with layered glass.

         If you’ve got a kid just getting into the game, the Gromcast is the beginning of a lifelong surfing passion. 

         HO Sports is a great line of waterskis. We sell a bunch of HO’s Hovercraft skis. These extra-wide skis (the surface area is comparable to two skis combined) are great for learning on yet still super fun for advanced skiers.  Getting up on one is much easier than on a wakeboard and once you’re up, it rips turns like a surfboard. Our customers tell us they enjoy the excellent control, improved balance and effortless low-speed skiing.

         The widetrack frame of the Hovercraft makes it an extra-stable platform for easy deep-water starts. The swallow-tail tri-fin underneath makes turns very easy—and you never have to master edge control. And the lightweight flexbody construction allows skiers to steer either from the tail or make dynamic maneuvers. You won’t believe how easy this thing is to ski on!

         The HO Hovercraft comes in a variety of color schemes, from Fluro Camo to Pink to Tribal Pink to Teal. And we carry them all!

  In boating gear, our Pro Shop has just started carrying the Fatsac bumper line. These inflatable bumpers are great for tie-ups or for those who keep their boats in slips all summer. With three different sizes: small (5 feet), party (10 feet) and XL (15 feet), you’ll have the peace of mind that your boat is protected.

The Fatsac bags are made with UV resistant material with welded seams that are also taped for extra durability.  Each bumper has two cleats, one on each end for hanging off the side of a boat or the edge of a dock. Fatsac also makes a handheld pump which makes inflation a snap.

Those are just a few of our popular products. Stop by our Pro Shop anytime for one-stop shopping for boating accessories in Colorado and let our sales staff help you find the best gear and accessories for your boat.