Off Season Storage Service in Colorado

Boat owners have several options for winter boat storage in Colorado. They include:

Dry Boat Storage

Dry outdoor boat storage is certainly a more popular option. It’s relatively safe and protective for the boat, and inexpensive compared to most alternatives.

“Where is there outdoor boat storage near me?”  “How much will it cost?” These are common questions we get at Colorado Boat Center.  We can help you find affordable boat storage, which includes fenced lots or inside storage facilities.

Indoor Boat Storage

Indoor boat storage is a more expensive option, however, it also offers the most protection for your boat. Your boat will spend the winter in a covered “dry stack” facility, sometimes called a “boatel,” where the boats sit on huge racks inside of a covered building.

Indoor boat storage can be hard to find, and the costs can be high. But Indoor Boat Storage is the best way to ensure your boat is kept out of the weather for the duration of the winter, which also helps protect the boat’s exterior.

Call Colorado Boat Center if you want to find an Indoor Storage option for the winter. We have excellent working relationships with storage facilities in the region and can help you find one that fits your budget.

Storage at Home

Many boaters, especially those who trailer their boat, prefer to park the trailer and boat at home, in the driveway, on a side lot or in a garage or barn.

These are all viable options, especially if you have us shrinkwrap your boat for the winter. This process will help keep water and weather out of your boat.

If you have questions about boat storage, please contact Colorado Boat Center. We’ve been boating in this state for several decades, and we understand what it takes to protect your boat over the winter months. Stop by and we can discuss options and costs with you to find the best solution for you!

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