Summerization Service in Colorado

Just as every boat needs to be prepared for its long winter sleep, when the weather warms and the lakes and rivers beckon boaters for another warm season of boating fun, it’s important to take the proper steps to get your boat ready to sail. Our service technicians are factory trained to work their magic on your Yamaha, Volvo Penta or Mercury outboards to get them ready for another season of boating enjoyment.

Here are some of the steps they’ll perform:

  • Replace fuel filters. It’s good practice to replace fuel and other filters once a year, and springtime is the best time to do it.
  • Flush and treat fuel system with stabilizer.
  • Inspect and replace worn hoses and belts
  • Inspect and replace malfunctioning lights
  • Flush freshwater storage and lines
  • Inspect and change spark plugs
  • Inspect and repair electrical systems and electronics
  • Change and/or top off engine fluids

Once your boat has been inspected and summerized, you should be ready to go!

Colorado Boat Center is your Summerization Specialist here in Colorado. We’ve been boating in these waters for decades and we know and understand what needs to be done to awaken your boat from its long winter period of inactivity and get it ready to run again once the weather warms.

It’s always a busy time of year, so call us today and we’ll reserve time in our Service Department for our technicians to get your boat ready for another summer of fun boating!

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