Impeller Replacement Service in Colorado

The impeller in your water pumps and engine cooling systems help keep cooling water circulating as needed as your marine engine runs. But impellers are usually made of rubber or plastic and there are many ways they can fail. If your engine has been inactive for a long period, the impeller blades can bend or set and blow a circuit breaker when you start up again. The impeller can stick to the pump housing and come apart on start-up. Your water cooling system can suck in debris and chemicals that erode the impeller, or something as simple as a plastic bag that blocks the water input can cause the impeller to disintegrate.

That’s why our factory trained technicians at Colorado Boat Center recommend inspection of the impeller every 200 hours and at least once a year, usually when you prepare the boat in spring for a new season. It doesn’t take long to check it out and replacing worn or damaged impellers can save you a lot of trouble out on the water.

If you haven’t checked the condition of your impeller recently, call our Service Department and let us check it. Our impeller testing and replacement service is a standard feature of how we service your boat and keep it running smoothly all season long.

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