Winterization Service in Colorado

Here in Colorado, most boats spend the winter out of the water. During the autumn months, our service department is busy helping out customers get their boats ready for winter with professional and specialized winter season service.

Each boat is different, of course, but all power boats need the same attention when winter is coming. The main goal of winter service is to remove all water from the boat’s systems to prevent damage from freezing.  Here are some of the steps our Service Department will take when winterizing your boat:

  • Clean the boat. A thorough wash-down of the hull, props, rudder, shaft and other exterior parts not only prevents rust and corrosion during the cold months, but allows our technicians to inspect for damage,
  • Fuel stabilizer.  We’ll fill the tank (to prevent condensation during the winter) and run a fuel stabilizer through the system.
  • Clean the bilge.  We’ll drain, dry and wash the bilge area with soap and water, add anti-freeze and spray exposed parts with WD-40.
  • Clear the water lines.  All freshwater systems need to be drained before winter: water lines, livewells, head connections … all are drained and air-blown to make sure no water is left over the winter.
  • Drains.  All drain plugs are opened or removed for the winter. And our technicians know where they are ALL located!
  • Remove valuables.  This means unplugging electronics, and removing items such as life jackets, first aid kit, fire extinguishers and other safety gear.

Colorado Boat Center is your Winterization Specialist here in Colorado. We’ve been boating in these waters for decades and we know and understand what needs to be done to safely secure and prepare your boat for winter.

Don’t delay. Call or stop by Colorado Boat Center and we’ll show you, step-by-step, how we can winterize your boat and, if you want, store it safely for the winter months.

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