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Financing and Insuring Your Boat: A Primer

You found the boat of your dreams! Congratulations! That’s exciting. Now what? Now you have to figure out how to pay for it! That means sifting through all the options on boat financing, checking on the best boat loan interest rates, selecting a lender, applying for a boat loan and securing the money. If you […]

Cooking Aboard: Planning Dinner on the Boat

The idea sounds great: Let’s invite the Smith’s out on the boat for an afternoon cruise, anchor over in the cove and cook up a nice dinner! At first glance, a great idea! But then comes the execution of that idea, and the logistical challenges start to add up. Food prep on your boat can be a rewarding, and delicious, experience, but it does take a little planning and forethought for it to come together. Planning to cook a meal on board doesn’t have to be daunting, but it does take a little preparation.

What Makes Grand Lake Grand?

Grand Lake (and its nearby neighbors of Shadow Mountain Lake and Lake Granby) is Colorado’s largest and deepest freshwater lake, and a great place to trailer your boat for a day (or more) of fun.

Attention Boaters: New Kill Switch Law Now in Effect

Boat owners and operators should be aware of a new federal law that went into effect on April 1. Those piloting boats less than 26 feet in length with more than 3 hp engines are now required to use their Engine Cut-Off Switch (ECOS) during most operations with their boat.

Barletta: The Pontoon That Pretends Its a Boat

What’s the difference between a pontoon and a boat? When looking at one of the Barletta models, it’s hard to tell.This Indiana-based company makes top-of-the-line pontoons designed for fun with family and friends with all the features one expects from a pontoon: expansive seating space, an extended aft deck for swimming or towing the kids, and a solid, dependable ride.

Woofin’ It – Boating with your dog

No member of your family is as excited to go out for a ride on your boat as your dog. With the sun, the fresh air, the water and a bunch of playmates contained within the gunwales of your boat, what’s not to love, from the dog’s perspective.

Fuel Facts: Ethanol and Your Boat

It’s that time of year when our service department starts getting lots of questions from customers about fuel. Specifically, they ask if it’s OK to use gasoline combined with ethyl alcohol, or ethanol.

Invasive Species Awareness

Invasive Species Awareness - This is the time of year when boaters are thinking about getting their vessels back on the water. And it’s a good time to review Colorado’s Aquatic Nuisance Species rules and regulations.

Barletta–A Fully Loaded Pontoon

We were very excited to add the Barletta brand of luxury pontoon boats to our line here at the Colorado Boat Center at the end of last year. This relatively new company has come flying out of the chute with a line of boats fully loaded with all kinds of head-turning features. And the good news is that most of them are standard.

Boater’s Guide for Safe Tubing

There are few things more fun to do with a boat than dragging your kids around the lake while they sit on an inflated inner tube or other soft and bouncy platform. There’s no doubt...tubing is a blast! Just make sure you do it safely and responsibly.
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Are You a Frequent Floater?

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